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Sustainable Food

Download the booklet (1 Mbyte) and its cover, including map, here.

This section, from pages 11 – 17 of the booklet, describes the sustainable food system in 2030. It describes the ‘sustainable supermarket’ which is a partnership between consumers and local farmers and producers, the local farms, featuring ‘agro-forestry’ that minimises fertilisers and pesticides, and the ways in which packaging and transport are minimised. It describes the close connection between food producers and the local community.

After reading the booklet,  please vote in our polls giving your view of the main points, and then add your comments below.

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  1. garyalex / Jun 14 2010 10:33 am

    For me personally, a good sustainble food system, with a lot of food produced very locally, is the most important first step we can take to sustainability, and also will be crucial to living reasonable comfortably should there be another major economic downturn soon, which I think is quite likely.

    I would love to see a range of projects starting to increase the local food available. Who else is interested?

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