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July 14, 2019 / basabbott

The R34 Adventure


All Aboard the R34!
Diss Corn Hall

Diss Museum’s R34 airship commemoration reached its climax with Peter Creswell’s musical homage.
Drawing on the Log by General Maitland the composer headed for the human and animal stories. Not the apocalyptic weather but love interest, cocoa and Wopsie the cat.
But the characters were there, with Mark Saberton showing the iron resolve that Major Scott must have had.
Djinh Kamei, as stowaway Billy Ballantyne, was not the Geordie boxer of reality, but a personable presence nevertheless.
As the crew were feted in New York, not least by the ladies, it made sense to give Billy a girlfriend. Since it was Selina Hawker, at her slinkiest, it made even more sense.
Jennifer Hewes, as an American socialite, and Tim Hall, as President Wilson, created memorable cameos.
The show suggested how Gilbert & Sullivan might have viewed the epic voyage if they had gone on composing into the 20th century. This plus Peter Creswell’s talent for engaging the whole gamut of music.

Basil Abbott

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