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May 19, 2019 / basabbott

Stand & Deliver on the A140


An Honest Gentleman
Stuff of Dreams,
Diss Corn Hall

The title has the strong suggestion that those were in short supply in the 18th century.
The 17th century play A Chaste Maid in Cheapside made a similar point.
Writer/director Cordelia Spence has taken what little is known of Norfolk highwayman Thomas Easter.
Born in Aylsham and active down what is now the A140, he finally went for the long drop at Tyburn.
But give him an aristocratic girlfriend, inspired by Margaret Lockwood’s Wicked Lady, and introduce him to Dick Turpin; and what more do you want?
Co-writer/composer Tim Lane’s folky music on an ever-giving guitar add much to period and atmosphere.
The robber and moll (Quinn Richards & Hayley Evenett) dash through their criminal career like an 18th century Bonnie & Clyde. Geir Madland provides a grittier Dick Turpin than the one of romantic fiction.
It is a show full of beans, with particularly fine singing in the scenes at the scaffold.

Basil Abbott

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