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May 6, 2019 / basabbott

Giles Cartoons Live Again


Grandma Saves the Day
New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Cartoons by Suffolk-based Ronald Giles enlivened the Daily and Sunday Express for 45 years.
The family he depicted proved an antidote to the Victor Meldrew readership.
With a statue of Grandma already in Ipswich town centre, it was time for the theatre to take a hand.
Phil Willmott’s show, directed by Peter Rowe, is very much in the style of the Wolsey’s rock pantos.
So all the characters, even Granny, belt out songs and play instruments.
It is a left-wing show. Although the audience enjoy the Union songs they laugh a little uneasily at the Thatcher jokes, East Anglia being largely blue.
That is to take nothing away from Alice Keedwell’s winning cameo as the ferreous female.
Steve Simmonds, built like Friar Tuck, makes a splendidly bolshie, deranged Grandma.
Grace Lancaster, as the sweet teenage daughter, and Nicky Swift as the Malaproping, social-climber next door, shine among a great-value cast.
The show continues until Saturday 18 May.

Basil Abbott

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