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April 28, 2019 / basabbott

For the Love of a Lady


The Yeomen of the Guard
Burgate Singers

Like The Lady’s Not For Burning, this G&S operetta has a kind of up-market panto setting.
History is depicted in terms of later times – here a Victorian version of the Tudors.
Without costume or scenery the singers and orchestra had to re-create this mixture.
An enticing overture set the tone for a darker than usual G&S work, conducted by Alain Judd.
The choir did best in moments when the music seemed anti-establishment. The Savoy operas, you felt, were to the middle-class what the music hall was to the working-class.
Those tongue-twisting lyrics, so well delivered all round, are close to the English nonsense tradition which bucks the system.
Pick of the soloists was Bradley Smith who gave a smooth authority to the role of Colonel Fairfax.
As ever, the high point was I Have a Song O, sung here by Rebekhah Smith and Alistair Bamford.
After hearing them we all went off sipping no sup, craving no crumb and sighing for the love of a lady.

Basil Abbott

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