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March 27, 2019 / basabbott

Big Skies & Lonely Waterways


The Tide Jetty
Eastern Angles (touring)

Writer Tony Ramsay was inspired by the big skies and lonely waterways of Norfolk.
Halvergate marshes, he says in a programme note, was “crossed by Pip on his way to Peggoty’s house in Great Expectations”.
Actually, Pip’s Great Expectations are set in Kent; and Peggotty (with two t’s) is a character in David Copperfield.
But, memory slips apart, the writer has created an evocative situation to match this elemental land.
Boating friends have said that Breydon Water is as big a challenge as the great Irish loughs.
Jasmine Swan’s reedy and liquid, jettied set is the perfect interpretation.
So we see an everyday story of Victorian marsh folk, complete with drownings and mysterious paternity.
Accents, as so often, come over as all-purpose rural. Just by knowing what different regions do with the tongue actors could master dialect.
Scott Hurran directs an impassioned young cast – Laura Costello, Benjamin Teare, Megan Valentine and Abe Buckoke – the last having a special sense of grizzled East Anglia.

Basil Abbott

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