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December 16, 2018 / basabbott

The Childhood of Christ


L’Enfance du Christ
Burgate Singers

Berlioz’ work is a quirky, post-Gothic piece about Herod and the flight into Egypt.
It was introduced by the romantic, expressive tenor voice of Laurence Kilsby as Narrator.
Atmosphere was skilfully stoked by the Burgate Sinfonia in the march of Roman soldiers, under Alain Judd’s dervish direction.
Herod was startlingly well sung by Ossian Huskinson, with a fierce, hall-filling bass voice.
There was considerable tingle factor in the chorus of soothsayers and then of angels.
Natasha Page had a serene, sense-of-occasion voice every time she sang as Mary, complemented by Alistair Bamford’s benign Joseph.
The well-known Shepherds’ Farewell had that rolling emotion we know from opera choruses by slaves and pilgrims.
Lush strings, elegant woodwind and a long, low, humming Amen stay in the memory of this concert at Eye Town Hall.

Basil Abbott

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