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October 22, 2018 / basabbott

Clever Blighters


4 Into 1

The figure in the carpet is discernible in these plays by local writers at Eye Bank.
Although the plays stand on their own, there are connecting tendrils.
So a character in Veronica by Gwyn Guy exits after having maybe too much to drink.
In the subsequent plays we hear of a hit and run accident where someone was killed.
The final play, Written In The Stars by David Howgego, brings nemesis.
Gwyn Guy’s writing is superior soap opera, with Bob Good as a rumpled Dad getting dating advice from his kids (Ben and Isobel Huckle).
Robin Franklin’s Best Served Cold has touches of Pinter menace and TV crime series, with Judy Dow, Robin Franklin and Peter Sowerbutts.
Cut the Wire by Alan Huckle has elements of Priestley and Christie in the off-stage conscience figure threatening three women (April Secrett, Jo Huckle and Penny Martin).
Written in the Stars is a piercing and lethal conversation piece between a woman (Helen Bigden) and a police Inspector (Chris Strachan).
All relate in some way to a particular road death. Clever blighters these local writers.

Basil Abbott

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