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October 5, 2018 / basabbott

Votes For Women


Rebellious Sisterhood
Broad Horizons (touring)

Today women run almost everything, fill prisons and even assassinate people (in Killing Eve).
But they only obtained the vote within the life of Ann Ward, the Diss woman who has just died.
Karen Forbes’ play shows what leading figures like the Pankhursts went through to win that right.
They were fighting the most entrenched attitudes. The force feeding of hunger-striking Suffragettes was like the worst tortures in a totalitarian state.
When a woman threw herself in front of the royal horse, the King inquired about the health of the jockey.
On the outbreak of the Great War, PM Asquith ordered the release of all female prisoners. War work helped to empower women; but they had to wait until 1928 for all adult females to get the vote.
Their anguish and struggle are harrowingly well depicted in Cordelia Spence’s production. The passionate acting of Judi Daykin, Shirley Day and Kiara Hawker shows both the achievement and the cost.

Basil Abbott

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