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May 21, 2018 / basabbott

Out of Africa


Eye Bach Choir

Africa, in all its colour, moods and troubles, was the theme of this 
bubbly concert.
Eye Bach Choir, directed by Leslie Olive, had got together with the 
Call Me Al Jazz Quintet and local schools. 
That mighty continent has seen more than its share of strife, 
reflected in spirituals like Nobody Knows the Trouble I See.
Hopes for the after-life, and stealing away to Jesus, made slave 
existence bearable.
These numbers, from Tippett’s A Child of Our Time, were performed by 
the choir with a feeling for that tender melancholy of African music.
Alexander L’Estrange had composed Zimbe! and played those songs of 
Africa with his jazz band. 
They pick up on his enthusiasm and play with a seductive sound that 
can be both languorous and effervescent.
If some of the early items recalled troubled times, the second half 
was notable for joie de vivre. This was Africa as a colourful, vibrant, 
happy land.
The contribution of the children was a credit to Hartismere School and 
Eye and Mellis Primary Schools.

Basil Abbott

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