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May 7, 2018 / basabbott

Our Blue Heaven


Our Blue Heaven
New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

The feel-good factor could hardly be higher for a Suffolk audience than
this memoir of the FA Cup.
40 years ago Ipswich Town won it by beating Arsenal; and the glow of
local pride has never gone away.
In the presence of some of the 1978 heroes – Mick Mills, Alan Hunter,
John Wark, Roger Osborne – those heady days were re-lived.
Manager Bobby Robson was re-created with eerie brilliance by Peter
Peverley – voice, look, posture, manner.
A band thumped out the music of the day, while a young, mixed-gender
troupe did balletic versions of the games.
Writer-director Peter Rowe’s interpretation saw events from the point
of view of families. So weddings and births vied with the more
important fact of the Town being at Wembley.
14 year old Anna Kitching, played their most devoted fan with an ardour
that they need today.
When captain Mick Mills and goal scorer Roger Osborne came on at the
end, the audience rose with a roar of acclaim. This really was people’s

Basil Abbott

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