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October 8, 2017 / basabbott

New Theatre Venture


The Original Barn Revue
Slate Barn Arts

A new arts project began with this show in an 18th century barn at Sweffling near Saxmundham.
Richard and Prue Gibbons have given Slate Barn for a residential, rehearsal and theatre workshop space.
Their daughter Amy was prominent in this revue. She is remembered in Diss for reading Ethel Le Neve’s autobiography for the museum’s Crippen murder centenary.
She and some colleagues studied theatre in France; and you can see the influences.
The evening had: classical and swing music, comic songs, red nose comedy, slapstick, monologues, Theatre of the Absurd, conjuring and improvisation.
Clowns, so close in spirit to the Waiting for Godot tramps, provided much of the impetus.
Highlights include top piano playing by James Pearson and a soul version of Old MacDonald by Tamara Astor.
Another treat was a group improvisation with the audience deciding location (Timbuctoo), style (Martial Arts) and keywords (banana, Venus and Sweffling).

Basil Abbott

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