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June 26, 2017 / basabbott

Gripping Cold War Drama


Anglian Mist
Stuff of Dreams

Meeting on Orford Quay, under tight security, we took a short boat trip.
Then we were in a tractor-pulled covered trailer across a moonscape of concrete pagodas.
In one of them we found ourselves back in the days of the Cold War.
The play, by Tim Lane and director Cordelia Spence, is inspired by the mysterious location where 1,000 people worked on secret projects.
One lady (born 1927) said the production was one of the most extraordinary experiences of her life.
When it tours the region it might not be quite such an immersive experience.
But the acting will make up for it. The dark, scarlet-clad beauty (Adrienne Grant) is not to be messed with.
Like her, the grizzled bird-watcher (Russell J. Turner) is more than he seems.
In his son (Matthew Barnes) you can see the divisive pain when espionage meets the human heart.
As drama it is as tense and gripping as a stand-off on a Berlin bridge.

Basil Abbott

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