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June 19, 2017 / basabbott

Music from the Turbulent 1790s


Summer Concert
Harleston Choral Society

Composing in the 1790s must have been like working during the Blitz.
Europe was in the kind of turmoil not experienced again until the World
Yet out of it came great works like Mozart’s Requiem and Haydn’s Maria
Theresa Mass.
Religious works with Glorias, Credos and Agnus Dei were inspired by and
reflected their times.
There was much to inspire choir and orchestra, conducted by Christopher
Bracewell and led by Mike Golding.
In the spirited, impassioned singing you could hear the works as
anthems for a dying century.
Troubled times, with hints of Gothic, created the touching and the
prayerful, along with great jubilation.
The orchestra were at their most eloquent in the Haydn, with strings,
brass and timpani hitting exultant heights.
When soloists Sonia Stockel, Stephen Harvey, Michael Hart-Davis and
Callum Thorpe sang it was like a master class. Their voices seemed to
waft down through history.

Basil Abbott

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