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May 16, 2017 / basabbott

Optimism in Troubled Times


Spring Concert
Burgate Singers

There was a moment when the setting sun caught the face of the young lady soprano.
The natural spotlight through the Eye Town Hall window announced an unforgettable performance by Henrike Legner.
Unfazed as a portrait of an infanta, she dominated the evening by her stillness and perfection of voice.
Around her swirled Stravinsky psalms, the Polish folk nationalism of Szmanowski and Haydn’s Mass in Time of Trouble.
It was music that gave great chances to choir and orchestra, under Alain Judd’s direction.
The Burgate Sinfonia (leader Julian Trafford) shone particularly in the Stravinsky, which highlighted each instrument. Also in a passage of racing excitement in the Szmanowski.
The choir achieved heights of penitence and praise in what were all religious pieces in Latin.
The fiery, optimistic fervour of Haydn, from strife-torn 18th century Austria, was delivered at full throttle.
With a dying Health Service and right-wing fingers on the Trident button, it was the kind of optimism we need.

Basil Abbott

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