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April 18, 2017 / basabbott

St Luke Passion


St. Luke Passion
Redgrave Singers
Redgrave Church

The high dramas of Good Friday and the Spring-like triumph of the
resurrection were the theme of Peter Creswell’s work.
There was a story-telling feel about the overture, with the orchestra,
led by Steve Calder, hinting at those dramas to come.
A rippling piano (Matthew McCombie), moody cello (Rebecca Welham) and a
spoken narration (the Revd. Adrian Watkins) added to the atmosphere.
There was that suggestion of operetta and popular music that so often
show in Mr. Creswell’s compositions. The choruses had a sweet, tuneful momentum.
Baritone Sean Webster was smoothly expressive as both Pilate and Herod.
John Meers had a great fierce moment as Chief Priest – “You call
yourself a king!’
Steve Holmes was a warmly penetrative tenor in the post-resurrection
scenes; with Selina Hawker’s vibrant soprano tones also adding to the
sense of new life.
A lingering memory is Jennifer Hewes as Pilate’s wife, borrowed from
St. Matthew, in a moving account of her dreams.

Basil Abbott

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