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December 19, 2016 / basabbott

Window Cleaning & Golf


Well There You Have It!

Window cleaning and golf might seem odd subjects to sing about as the highest matters in life.
But this was the world of comic opera, with 26 original numbers by Peter Creswell, performed at Botesdale Village Hall.
His work has always shown a love of the whole gamut of music.
Period seemed indeterminate, with golfers in large flat caps and plus fours, while Selina Hawker looked fetchingly modern. There was even a mention of Tescos.
It was a show that oozed quality, from the composition to the accompaniment and singing.
Mr. Creswell is a gifted pianist and was well served by Rebecca Welham (cello), Bob Silvester (clarinet) and Duncan Young (double bass).
With singers like Paul and Jennifer Hewes, Selina Hawker, Mark Saberton, Coral Ballinger and Glynn McKay, it could hardly fail.
There was also a most assured debut from Isaak Frost as a young window cleaner.

Basil Abbott

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