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December 5, 2016 / basabbott

Festive Without the Obvious


Redgrave Singers

Peter Creswell’s Wortham Church concert with Redgrave Singers had enough festive feeling without the obvious.
Without any loss of gloss it also had a warm feeling of people just getting together to sing.
Some of Mr. Creswell’s own Christmas songs are as good as standards.
He also showed himself to be an actor, when delivering one of several Shakespeare speeches.
Edward German choruses from Merrie England proved to be as singable and Anglophile as G&S.
When Jennifer Hewes sang I was reminded of the lady going down the garden singing, silencing all the songbirds. Then blow me if her husband Paul didn’t sing that very song, Handel’s Silent Worship.
There was the sparkle of Christine Odams with Parisotti’s Se Tu M’Ami; and John Meers’s fine rendering of Mozart’s Within Thy Holy Portals.
Shiona Cormack’s Ave Maria and a clarinet sonata by Bob Silvester, easy as pouring honey, were among the many pleasures.

Basil Abbott

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