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October 11, 2016 / basabbott




Lover, alchemist, writer, salesman, prisoner, spy, gambler, lottery deviser, Freemason – you could not make Casanova up.
For Spinning Wheel Theatre, writer/director Amy Wylie’s problem must have been what to leave out.
Her device was to have the randy Venetian tell his own story. Telling can save years of showing.
A jaunty, jape-filled life is depicted, a kind of Carry On Casanova in colloquial English – “Right. Great. Cheers.”
This includes multiple amours, a brisk lesson in Cabalism (religion via maths) and the quickest Grand Tour ever.
Joe Leat has a winning charm in the title role; but also a feeling for the downside of the pleasure-seeking life.
Lucy Benson-Brown has her work cut out playing many of the women in his life; and managing to make them all colourfully different.
Samuel Norris plays everything from oily Italians to English aristocrats and even appears in a Pompadour wig as one of the female conquests.

Basil Abbott

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