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March 31, 2016 / basabbott

Over Here


Somewhere in England
Eastern Angles
Laxfield Village Hall

We have all seen in WW2 films the handsome U.S. airmen who fought the Hun.
Less well known is the racism in the American services.
Polly Wiseman’s play is a liberal, modern take on those problems. White and black would probably not have looked each other’s way at the time.
The girls had no such qualms, with many a dusky baby being born. In the play the girls were rather worldly-wise for the 1940s.
Celebrating Guy Fawkes, as here, would have given the air raid warden apoplexy.
But the dialogue was very actable and drew gripping performances. Alice Osmanski, created a believable, love-lorn local girl, as did Grace Osborn as a 15 year old.
Joshua Hayes made a fine brash, cocky airman. Later he changed totally into Walter White, a mixed race man who fought for equal rights.
The best chances were taken by Nathanael Campbell, humorous and dignified. Having him in chains and keening a soul song was melodramatic but mighty effective.

Basil Abbott

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