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March 28, 2016 / basabbott

Roy Hudd at the Music Hall


Roy Hudd’s Very Own Music Hall
Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Part lecture, part stand-up comedy, part singalong, Roy Hudd celebrated theatre of the people.
They now have only panto; but music hall was true folk entertainment for 200 years.
From its origins in pub back rooms, Mr. Hudd relived the characters who charmed the nation – Charles Coburn, Harry Champion, Billy Bennett.
He revived his role as Bud Flanagan, whom he played in Underneath the Arches, and his hero Max Miller.
Maybe out of respect, he does not really impersonate Miller, being largely Roy in Max’s garish clothing.
Not that his own stage personality is at all lacking. At 79 he sings as well as any music hall performer and delivers gags as cheekily as Miller.
The audience appreciated the notion that, for his latest marriage, Rupert Murdoch might need a younger man and a set of jump leads.
By the time Mr. Hudd, in Pearly King costume, sang Albert Chevalier’s My Old Dutch, the audience was eating out of his hand.

Basil Abbott

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