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February 2, 2016 / basabbott

Music Under the Radar

Radar image 1SynthesizerTC handsome
Diss Museum manager Basil Abbott began his working life as a local reporter.
One of his first assignments was to interview electronic music composer Tristram Cary at his Fressingfield studio.
46 years later musician and music teacher Tristan Burfield suggested to Basil Abbott that the museum should commemorate Cary’s work.
This has led to a display, when the museum re-opens on March 12, and a concert in St. Mary’s Hall on the evening of Saturday April 9, with a display there during the day.
Tristan has been in touch with Cary’s son John and many other people who knew him. A prize exhibit will be a prototype synthesizer, developed by Cary and used by bands like Pink Floyd and The Who.
Cary came to electronic music via his work in naval wartime radar. His extensive repertoire includes concert music and scores for many films and television programmes, including the original Dr. Who.
With the help of John Cary, Tristan and Basil were able to track down the Diss Express article from January 1970. It was in an Australian archive and will be on display in the museum.

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  1. stuartrussellcomposer / Feb 16 2016 1:35 pm

    Terrific! Its time Tristrams pioneering work was properly reviewed and appreciated, this will help raise awareness. His DIY built equipment was years ahead of its time, and unlike others, it diodnt sound DIY..

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