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October 10, 2015 / basabbott

Llareggub Welsh Accents


Under Milk Wood
Mere Players
Roydon Village Hall

Not many Welsh accents here, look you.
That renowned lush, Dylan Thomas, the bard barred from most bars, created a tumbling Taffiness of language.
“Let me shipwreck in your thighs,” says one character. (There’s cheeky.)
There is also a cast like the Cardiff phone book, with characters like Captain Cat, Evans the Death, Organ Morgan, Willy Nilly, Dai Bread, Polly Garter and so on.
It is all very Welsh; and when some actors had a go it really took off. But there seemed to have been a decision not to bother.
The singing was very much English village hall rather than Welsh chapel.
Having said that, there were so many good people in it that Piers Bilston’s production could not be discounted.
Without a programme it was matter of recognising some and admiring strangers. Gary Stodel (Captain Cat), Felicity Humfress (one of the voices), Lynn Wilson (as a fearsome wife) and the actor who played the preacher, were among those who stood out.
The kids did well too. But you just longed for the company to throw caution away and make it more Welsh.

Basil Abbott

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