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August 22, 2015 / basabbott

Harleston & Waveney Festival


EyesWrite & Act One
Harleston & Waveney Festival

Writer/actor/directors Alan Huckle and Robin Franklin were the main inspiration for this evening of drama, quirky poems and monologues.
Lady in the Pink Coat, by Robin Franklin, was a park bench revelatory conversation piece. He played a schoolboy, all shirt-tails and loose tie, who talks to an enigmatic widow (Helen Bigden).
In Too Much Sugar, by Alan Huckle, Tim Hall and Rob Johnson, as son and father, turned  a care home visit into a warmly observed piece of theatre.
Robin and Sue Franklin played patient and nurse in Huckle’s Fatal Reaction. After it, several of the audience made a mental note to skip the flu jab this year.
Cherryl Jeffries delivered a startling monologue as a homicidal wife. This was, surprisingly, answered by Robin Franklin from the husband’s point of view, showing the situation to be six-of-one.
The climax was Alan Huckle’s play Danny Bakker, with its air of 50s/60s low-life crime. The rain-coated detective (Alan Bolton); blonde, leather-jacketed moll (Julie Bolton); sinisterly Sapphic policewoman (Cherryl Jeffries); and mousy, not what she seems, victim (Pat Parris), provided a crackling finish.

Basil Abbott

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