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July 25, 2015 / basabbott

A Labour of Love


A Labour of Love

Theatre Royal, Bury


Local pride was on show in barrelfuls as the community celebrated the re-creation of their theatre.

Danusia Iwaszko’s script and lyrics traced its history from when it had declined to a brewery store.

A group of diehards worked from 1959 to 1965 to bring it back to life.

Redoubtable figures like Air Vice Marshal Stanley Vincent and Olga Ironside Wood were among them. Their names are so much of their time and tenacity.

‘AVM’, as he was known, was the only pilot to have shot down enemy aircraft in both world wars.

He also sent Noel Coward packing after an argument.

Geir Madland and Suzanne Simpson gave great gusto to their roles. I heard a silvery gent say that Olga wasn’t a bit like that; but was glad that she was at last mentioned.

There were rousing songs about bringing back our theatre, seizing the day and even one celebrating a beetle drive.

With a large, exuberant community cast, Karen Simpson’s production had the innocent enthusiasm of The Young Ones.

Basil Abbott

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