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April 18, 2015 / basabbott

The Poisoners’ Pact


The Poisoners’ Pact

Stuff of Dreams,

The Bank, Eye

Mob caps, music hall, murder, feisty, flighty females – poisoning has never been such fun.

Written by director Cordelia Spence and composer Tim Lane, the show is based on a true case from 1830s East Anglia.

The three actresses seem vengeful fate figures from whom it would be unwise to accept a cup of tea.

Kiara Hawker looks like a prim and pretty Puritan but has the soul of a serpent. They all have accents as Norfolk as dumplings.

Speaking of which we have a cookery lesson, from Joanna Swan, in making them, with flour, suet and arsenic.

The two of them exult in hanky-panky and toxicology. Their earthy humour and girlish delight is a foil to Jamie-Rose Monk as a burly, accusatory villager.

Murder is seen as an example of good-housekeeping – a notion that must have occurred to many a wife (and husband).

Basil Abbott

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