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May 3, 2014 / basabbott

Woman In Mind



Woman In Mind

Open Space

Hoxne Village Hall


The comedy of English suburbia meets the dark night of the psyche in Ayckbourn’s play.

Like the original Scarborough production, it is played in the round and features an all-cast opening sequence, a trademark of David Green’s direction.

Yves Green, looking like Jane Wyman in a WW2 drama, beautifully captures the tensions of a ladylike demeanour and a disturbed mind.

Around her swirl the banal realities of a fatuous vicar husband (Geoff Cadman), distant son (Jake Kubala) and culinary-challenged sister-in-law (Gill Mullen).

So she turns in fantasy to an ideal husband (Paul Baker), brother (Steven Phipps) and daughter (Emma Martin).

Simon Evans, as the doctor, is so transparent and physically expressive at every moment, that he scarcely needs the lines.

Often regarded as Ayckbourn’s most personal play, and gathering mixed reviews, it is certainly a winner in the hands of the Open Space Theatre Company.


Basil Abbott

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