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December 1, 2013 / basabbott

Christmas in the Heritage Triangle

There was a good turn-out in September when we put on readings and music Down By the Riverside.
The museum events attract other partners in doing things with a buzz, so there is another one called Christmas in the Heritage Triangle. This is at 5pm (note the time) on Wednesday 18th December.
It starts at the museum and leads across to the Buttermarket, up Market Hill, stopping at different places, up to the Corn Hall, down St. Nicholas Street, via the yards and down to the church.
The performers are mainly from EyesWrite. There will be refreshments at the start. First is a short story called From Russia, about a young man whose shoplifting penfriend lands him in the dock.
At the Buttermarket there is seasonal singing and again over where the pump used to stand  on Market Hill. All the items are unusual and out-of-the box.
A short panto will be performed along by Barclays Bank. This is followed by an account of the 1914 Christmas Truce, read outside the Council Offices.
At the Tudor House there is a rare chance to hear a medieval Christmas lyric, delivered in 14th century English.Then there  is more singing on the Corn Hall steps.
There are more medieval lyrics and a short story in Half Moon and Norfolk Yards, with some final poems and singng outside the church.
It is all a bit of fun, using local talent, doing community things and celebrating local heritage.
This free event should take somewhere between an hour and 90 minutes.
Heritage Triangle poster

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