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March 10, 2013 / garyalex

R33 Airship Memories

Now in her 90s Mrs. Kay Nelson, born 1919, remembers her grandmother taking her to see the R33 airship at Pulham in 1925. The airship had been damaged in a storm, drifted across the North Sea but struggled back to the village. She recalls the hundreds of people who turned out to see and help moor the R33; and how amazing the giant ship looked coming towards the mooring mast. Somewhere there is a postcard of the occasion, seen by Mrs. Nelson years ago, on which you can see her as a five year old in her school hat. She was born in London Road, Harleston and now lives in Malthouse Court about 200 yards away. From her window she can see an oak tree planted by her grandfather for the 1935 Jubilee. Her earliest schooling was in the town and later in Switzerland, where she also saw airships. In World War Two she served in the Wrens in Australia. Her husband was a prisoner of war in Germany. After the war they lived in Germany, Malta, Belgium, Hong Kong and Turkey.

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