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December 7, 2011 / garyalex

Diss Museum – Looking Back & Forward

The Tashi Lhunpo monks play outside the museum

The museum is closed for the winter but the work goes on. The builders are repairing the pillars and roof, while the volunteers create new displays inside.
They will feature sporting memories, royal celebrations, the 150th anniversary of Diss Church Junior School, the 70th anniversary of the Friendly Invasion of Americans and the history of local Freemasonry.
In the past year flints, fossils and thatching gave a traditional sturdiness to the displays, thanks to the volunteers and the geological knowledge of Peter Perkins.
The Manning exhibition colourfully re-created Thomas’ 1811 meeting with the Dalai Lama while the 20 events of the Friends in High Places festival were well attended by the public.
In the summer some of the High School teachers adapted material from our murder mystery, featuring the Mannings, and used it for a problem solving day for feeder schools.
Some pals and I took part in the carnival again, representing the museum, and the Denny Centre will have their annual pantomime before Christmas.
Recently, for the High School, I showed 26 European exchange students around the town.
The same week I gave a presentation, in top hat and tail coat, on Victorian Childhood to the delightful Mellis Brownies.
The historical project handbook from Brownie HQ was obviously not designed to stretch them too much. When studying the Ice Age they played with bits of ice. (Truly.)
The Victorian section mentioned only games. So at least they learned something from the museum. I was bombarded with questions, as they found that their lives were not so far from the 1800s.

Basil Abbott

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